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Planning & Execution from A to Z

Based on our accurate analysis of your business we can show how automated processes contribute to the efficiency of production and how quickly our technical solutions pay off.

The most importatnt thing in the operation is the precise analysis and planning of your production. You may wonder how can an automated solution be integrated into your existing process and how such a system contributes to the goals of your company.

Before the start of such a project, you would of course like to know the potential of the transformation and its financial aspects. Together we will plan your budget and discuss in advance all possible investment costs that may arise during the project. In this way, we can prepare you for all eventualities.

We not only advise you on estimated costs but also develop a custom-made, security-based concept especially designed for your company´s needs. Further, we create a simulation of our proposed automated sequences to help you envision your company´s future prospects. Just like that your business is optimized and working to its full potential and ready to meet the challenges ahead.

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Mechanical assembly

Whether it´s welding work, implementation of special modifications or assembly of complex units – our experienced team will provide you with flawless results.

Appropriate systems and machines are required to initiate the automation process. In addition to the assembly and reconstruction of complete systems or productions steps, our team of specialists also take over the relocation and transfer of machines and system units.

Based on our new vision for your company, our specialist technicians plan and implement the automation concept quickly and easily. Whether this be via assembly work, steel construction, complex welding projects or any other requirement, we have the special modifications and solutions for you.

Our experienced team will deliver reliable and impeccable work. Our quality assurance ensures that our specialist team are always committed to efficiently optimizing your company´s future.

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Electrical engineering

The electro-technical installation of your systems and machines can´t remain a closed book. It must be structured, straightforward and transparent. With us, you get precise documentation and set-up according to valid standards and regulations.

Electrical engineering often means you are at your wits´ end – especially when the implementation is carried out improperly and is not documented precisely.

Here, you can relax.

Thanks to the expert technicians in electrical engineering, you can be certain that the setup and installation of your systems and machines will be carried out in a transparent and structured manner in accordance with valid standards and regulations.

We take care of these electrotechnical challenges for you:

  • Hardware engineering (E-Plan P8, Auto CAD, MmartPlant Electrical, AUCOTEC)
  • Control cabinet building
  • Cable tray assembly
  • Wiring of machines and equipment
  • Testing and measuring according to current DIN and EN standards
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Programmable logic controller

Our PLC applications enable individual, automated control of your industrial and technical workflows.

Programmable logic controllers play a crucial role in the development of an automation concept tailored to meet your technical and industrial needs. Our PLC applications allow you to gradually automate your workflow enabling constant accessibility and the smooth functionality of your production facilities.

To install our software, it must first be programmed. Once your security concept, wire and sequence diagrams are prepared, it´s up to the PLC. You, as the contact partner, aid in the development of this software so that we can always find solutions together. General electro-technical norms and customer-specific standards are the foundation of our contribution to your success.

After everything is in place our PLC programmers will continue to monitor your progress and take care of the documentation at your site. 

This means we are by your side every step of the way from process analysis to the implementation of the PLC into your production line.

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Robot programming

Thanks to technical solutions, repetitive tasks such as handling, gluing, welding, clinching and roll folding can be handled by a robot with consistently higher quantities and quality. This automation of industrial work saves high operating costs and measurably increases the process efficiency. We differentiate between two categories when it comes to robot programming:

  • Our online programming is carried out directly at the robot site (KUKA, FANUC, ABB, YASKAWA) or at a production facility. We then enable you to teach a robot the desired steps and process sequences. This exclusive approach allows you to personally experience robotic software and functionality in a fully operational production line with the added bonus of viewing the end-product.
  • Alternatively, offline programming (e.g. with Process Simulate, RobotStudio, etc.) allows you to experience robotic functionality in a simulated environment using a digital workpiece. Compared to online programming, this cost-effective method uses no real materials, the production continues to run and the simulation works without any test facility. This process realistically allows you to immerse yourself in the efficiency of robotic technology and our automation solution software.

We will also take care of these topics for you:

  • Standardization of existing robots and applications
  • Cycle time optimization
  • Functional programming of safety robots (ABB SafeMove, KUKA Safeoparations, etc.)
  • Process documentation
  • Training of your employees
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Project completion

An automated solution must be profitable. At the end of a project, we carry out an approval test, file the results in a product report and verify the efficiency of our calculations.

To successfully complete your automation project, many different components of planning and implementation are required. Lead automation will be happy to take over the project and construction site for you to coordinate the entire process. We will draft a list of open points (LOPs) and any possible inconsistencies enabling us to improve your design during our joint on-site inspections. Tell us about your wishes and we will ensure improvements will be delivered on-time and as per your requirements.

The automation of your facility is subjected to an approval test with the results noted in the Product Approval Record. A follow-up analysis then helps to determine whether the parameters of our initial efficiency calculation have been achieved or whether adjustments need to be made in line with your business needs. Here, too, Lead automation provides you with advice and assistance.

As our valued customer, Lead automation offers assistance in database management enabling your business to efficiently record and monitor the progress of our integrated system.

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Maintenance and servicing

System failures can be expensive. With our individual service we safely prevent any unexpected breakdowns.

With our regular maintenance service specifically tailored to your needs those unexpected system failures, which could potentially cost you an arm and a leg, are now over. With our vast experience and specialist team, Lead automation can fulfill your company’s production potential every step of the way.

In addition to a regular maintenance, we also offer individual contracts, advice on logistics matters, quality management, modifications, error analysis and error search, as well as repair or general servicing.

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